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Aiden Schofield

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The third single from Aiden's forthcoming album Out Of My Head.

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Aiden Schofield is a melodic pop singer-songwriter originally from Manchester England, now lives in Queensland Australia. He brings to your ears acoustic pop, pop rock and a couple of experimental dance pop albums.

In the 90's he won the National Triple M Homegrown Competition with his band Josh, which garnered extensive radio airplay. 
With his next band Cupboard, he wrote and recorded in L.A. with renowned producer Nick Brophy. He also wrote and recorded in Memphis, Nashville and performed many shows in Sydney with more radio airplay and a song on the indie film Off The Ledge.

Since 2007 he's recorded and produced close to a solo album a year. With many albums under his belt, he's just a pleasure to listen to. Let me tell you, you NEED to listen to Aiden Schofield right now! 

Aiden's forthcoming album; Out Of My Head will be available early 2024. The first single; Rose Coloured, the second single; Game Changer and the third single; Forevermore are available now!

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"A painter paints pictures on canvas. But musicians paint their pictures on silence." - Leopold Stokowski